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Hi My friends
I am Jeweller and Watchmaker 23 Years and now is time to write some thinks about the service price of the watches.
The Swiss watch industry have really big problem with this.There are many times I sold a watch from Swiss brand names and after 2 years when the warranty stop for this watch the customer is really on the Air about the service and the parts.
And why say That??
The Swiss brands stop sell parts to the watchmakers and if you want to repair your watch you can make it only in the official service center of the Brand name.The Swiss brand names see the profit Cheese but didnt see the trap.
I sold a watch before 4 years to one of my customers 390 Euros and now is the time of the service because the watch stop working.The official Service center ask from my Customer 190 euros without the shipping cost +20 Euros.
This is the 60% of the value of the watch and this situation is really Good.There is customer with 750 euro value watch and the service center ask 430 Euros.
The parts of Brands if you want to Change battery and need the official Hard Gasket the service must change all the Gasket kit including the Button and the glass o Ring.This cost 50 until 70 euros The Kit and 18 euros the battery replacement and the cost for some watches 10% until the 25% of the value of the watch.
The other is the Service.
You call it service but it isn’t.When someone send a watch in the official service you tell him service of the watch 250 euros.If the customer accept the price you make a movement Replacement and you send the watch with a new movement.The price of the movement cost to any watchmaker 15-30 euros and in some chronograph 40 euros.I accept you can make a profit But 210 euros difference is too big.
Dear CEO
Of the Swiss watch industry if you send your luxury car for service and ask you 90000 euros for service I think you find bad idea to send it next time to the same service and you try to search another Service and pay 500 euros for service.This is an example for you.I hope you understand because the Times change and the solution for the customer of the beautiful Smartwatch with cost 25 euros until 200 euros with pedometer,compass,heart rate,Bluetooth and many more is ready to make the watch customers very Happy and forget the service prices of 300 euros.
Dear Mr CEO if your mind is to show profits to shareholders I think you are wrong and you must change direction to the best ways because you are in driver seat of 200 years brand and you must have respect to the history of the company and the customers.



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  1. Hello, I have a tissot T-touch II completely dead. The watch repair have changed the battery but after few months it become to lose functions untill it died completely. I have waere it in summer and obviously i have putted the watch under sea water. Watching your videos I have discovered that unfortunately this watch seems non waterproof as tissot sais. The watch repair told me that is not possible to fix this watch because is electronic and it needs the movement changed. Do you are still working? Can I send my watch to your workshop to be repaired?

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