Tissot T Touch Repair Guide Part 8

The Last Part of the Tissot T Touch Repair Guide.The watch before I fix it was a damaged from sea Water.Now the watch is in working condition and the owner save 250 euro Service.The bad of the case is one function is still dont working but for this ammount is nothing.The Problem is in the Glass and if you want to work all the function you must change the glass.I Think my blog help you about the way how can you fix a damaged T Touch.The Other option is to make exchange with Tissot for 280 euros and buy another T touch series.
  Now we install the Movement and close the ring again the watch pusher Button working perfect and all the function except from the Barometer.Close the watch and make synchro the hands and the watch is ready.

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If Your Tissot T Touch have Damaged from Water and the Repair cost in the Swatch Group are very high,you can send it to me to repair it.The cost is 30 euros + 8 euros The Shipping from Greece to You.If the have Glass Damage or Zebra strip Damage the watch is not for Repair.The Price is Only for Clean and Oil the watch and Clean the Case and the Bracelet.If you want to contact with me email me: [email protected]



I continue with the Touch series about the functions and how can you change battery and many more.

The Tools you Need to make all this Repair Job I have it in the next Link.Please dont ask me anymore what tools I need for Repair.

Tissot T Touch Disassebly and Repair Tools Kits Watch tools

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  1. Hello,

    I have an issue with my T-Touch Expert, the watch is working but the glass functions are not responcive, any ideas?



  2. Hi Elias
    There is 2 ways.
    The First way is to hit the Glass in the surface and the digitizer doent work anymore.
    Solution is ONLY to send it in the local Swatch Group service center to Change the Glass.
    The Other Way is Moisture come into the Movement and the Digitizer TAPE cant connect with the Glass.
    Solution is to clean with a very Good Watchmaker and save MONEY.
    If you repair it please tell what Happent

    Thanks Dimitris

  3. Hello Dimitris,

    I wanted to thank you for trying to save my generation 1 T-Touch.
    Sending the watch to you for disassembly and cleaning was easy and now that you have diagnosed the fault being with corrosion on the glass circuit I have reached out to my local Tissot agent to have the watch replaced using the T-touch 1 T-touch 2 exchange programme. They ask for 220E in exchange for a new T-touch 2.

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