Tissot T Touch Repair Guide Part 1

Dear friends

Today i present you the First Video from my New Project Tissot T Touch Repair Disassembly movement.To start the Watch remove first the bracelet and the Battery.The Movement is closed in the case with a Ring.you can remove it but carefully because you can damage the Movement.The rest Is on the Video.
Please Enjoy 
If Your Tissot T Touch have Damaged from Water and the Repair cost in the Swatch Group are very high,you can send it to me to repair it.The cost is 30 euros + 8 euros The Shipping from Greece to You.If the have Glass Damage or Zebra strip Damage the watch is not for Repair.The Price is Only for Clean and Oil the watch and Clean the Case and the Bracelet.If you want to contact with me email me: [email protected]



The Tools you Need to make all this Repair Job I have it in the next Link.Please dont ask me anymore what tools I need for Repair.

Tissot T Touch Disassebly and Repair Tools Kits Watch tools

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