Tissot T Touch Expert Battery Replacement & calibration

Dear Friends
Hi From Greece.Today i will post and explain how can we replace the Battery on Tissot Touch Expert.You can DIY and the level is Easy.
If you see another one video in my youtube channel about the change battery from Tissot Sea Touch you can see the practice for the repla ememt is same because the movements is really the same.
Many emails ask me to make a video from Tissot Touch Expert and I make it my friends.
The First you must see if the hands is calibrated.
For the example of my video the batt indicator is in warning condition in my Display,But there are many watches loose the calibration without this batt warning.
How can See if the battery is on the end without batt warning.
1)We press the Compass function and if this function dont work means the batt is on the end.And Why that?because the compass function needs more energy from the other Functions.
2)We push the middle button to activate the touch and touch the center of glass until the Opt.We push the middle button again to enter to Options.We Touch again the center until we see the function Sleep and we leave it for 10 sec to activate the sleep mode.
When the Sleep mode activated the display stop working and the hands show exactly 12 o clock.If one hand is not at the 12 o clock,then the Hands need calibration.
Please see The next video.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkTS4SoKtQY[/embedyt]

The Battery Replacement on Tissot Touch Expert

This is the most carefully step on replacememt of the battery.
And you must carefull with the cleaning of the case and the Gasket too.Because many watchmaker play only on the target to replace the battery and close the watch and give it to the customer.
On Everytime you open the watch you must clean with clear Benzin all the parts of the back case and leave it 3 minutes open.
For this Reason first clean the watch and then replace the battery.
When you finish the clean,replace or GHANGE the Gasket again with basylone silicone.(Read a previous post for this Silicone).
And Now is the time of Battery.
The watch have same movement with the Sea Touch and take the same Battery also.The battery is the Cr 2032 and personally i use only Maxwell on 3V lithium Batteries.(I will make a post about the batteries in the next days).
Replace the battery and dont touch any button until close the case.
And why the that.Because when push any button the watch will activate without the sensors.
Please continue and close the clean back case and install all the screws and you are ready.
Please enjoy the next video from my Youtube channell


The third part is the Reset and the Hands calibration or Synchro
In this part the watch must reset like a sea touch video.
You are going to the sleep mode
Middle button>activate the touch>touch the center>and touch until the sleep mode.
When you activate the sleep mode push the + button for 6 sec and the then the compass function.
The display is in the Factory reset and show if all the sensors working and the battery Level and in the last the reset.
When you finish with that you can synchro the hands
The syncronization start again from the middle button for Touch activation and touch the glass center until the mode 24h Cm.
In this Mode push the middle button for 5 sec and you are in synchro.
With + or – button you can set the minutes hand at 12 o clock.
When you finish with the minutes hand touch the center of Glass and now you can set the hours hand with + or -button to the 12 o clock.
When you do that push the middle button again the watch is Ready
Please enjoy the next Video.


Thanks for Coming to my Blog and any comment is acceptable
If your watch have problem with the touch or the sensors
Please dont hesitate to contact with me. [email protected]

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  1. very useful £148 they asked for this

    • If you have a problem with the battery replacement i can replace.The cost is 20 euros icluding shipping post with tracking number and insurance.

      • I like your blog and video. THAND YOU.
        I have followed the video and changed the battery however the battery has died within a few hours. I have then repeated the process and recalibrated with another battery and again within 4 or 5 hours the watch dies.
        Any suggestions?

        • All the CR batteries have dates.Your CR battery you buy is out of date.Please check the Battery and is better to choose Maxell battery.

          And close the case carefully.


  2. Hi, I just had a battery change for my tissot touch expert it’s a 2012 model, after changing the battery, meteo ,compass and altimeter functions don’t display in nor the compass hands move !!!!! Other functions and time all working fine !!! What could be the problem ??? I am a bit worried !!

    • Hei Farzaad. I have the same problem. Have you found any solutions?

    • Dear Farzad
      I want to ask you about the functions and the the lcd monitor.For example when you touch the meteo the lcd monitor show the —- or give one number.Or the same in altimeter what show in the monitor.If the watch show —- your watch have really problem.
      Please send me more info about your watch.

      • I haVe same problem. Whe. I touch meteo, temp and altimeter, on display nothing, but hands move tomthe selected option. After sometime, it will go back to previous mode. Also whe. Selecting chrono, nothing happens, not even hands they dont move. Please can you help me.

  3. Hello, i have the same Problem like Farzaad. The LCD Display shows nothing if the Sensorfunktion is aktivated. The hands move to the funktion but nothing to see at the LCD, just the T for the aktivated T-Touch.

  4. Hi Mate where can I get basylone silicone

  5. Good morning, I’ve just changed my battery, I cleaned the watch without touching the pressure sensor, used silicon grease for the gasket etc..
    It looked all ok but the day after, after wearing the watch for a couple of hours, I found that the screen was turned off and when I pushed the T button it restarted but the hands were no more synchronized and time & date wrong. I thought that the battery was “loose” so yesterday evening I re-opened it, cleaned the battery surface and the contacts, then tightened the contact above the battery and attached a small piece of adhesive tape onto the battery and the contact to avoid any movement due to vibrations. It seems that all the contacts adhere properly and the battery is well fixed.
    This morning I put it on and after one hour it reset and lost the synchro again 🙁
    Any advise? I don’t want to send it to the service if possible, last time I did it I spent a lot of money and waited many weeks.
    Thx & regards.

    • Please tell me the model of touch you have?Do you close the back case to movement.Because many times if the movement cant connect with the sensor of back case make error.Thanks

      • No advices? Regards

      • Hi, I have a t-touch expert (2009). I’ve closed the back properly with it’s 4 screws, all contacts ok. During the last three days the problem didn’t occur again, only one time after I re-opened and closed it the last time. Strange, no? Thx.

        • Today it reset again. I realized that it happens when the watch receives a little strike, e.g. if I put it on the table in a hurry, with the glass facing down. It seems that such shock cause an istanteneous power interruption. I’m quite sure I’ve tightened the screws properly, my only doubt is related to the one that fix the sliding contact on the battery, that seem to be a little stripped, but as told above I’ve placed a small piece of adhesive tape to mantaint the contact against the battery. Advises?

  6. Hi! I have the same problem as Arno and Farzaad. I replaced the battery on my t touch expert and Chrono, Alarm time 1, time 2 and date work fine. When I enable the touch Thermo, Meteo, Altimeter and compass do not work, the hands go to the right place but on the screen I can only see the T with the circle at the bottom. When I get into Bios I see bat L8 but on the next click I get error 01. Please help

  7. Hello ! I have the same problem as Carlo, Arno and Farzaad. After I changed the battery, some functions stopped working. The altimeter, the meteo, the thermo and the compass show no display when trying to access them. The clock, the chrono and the alarm are functioning as before. Any solutions, please? Had anyone fixed this problem ?

  8. Hi, I replaced the battery and have set the time and date, but the altimeter and temperature are not correct. The altimeter shows 28362 feet but we are 10 feet and can not put a value less than 28362 feet. The temperature shows 41.1 F, but we are 77 F. Please can you help me.
    thank you

    • Hi Alexandre
      Please activate touch screen and touch the center until the sleep mode.
      When the watch is in sleep mode push the + button for 6 sec and the touch the 6 o clock.
      Now you are in reset mode.
      Please check all the steps with + and if your watch show error anywhere please photo for me.



  9. Hello Dimitris,

    I have followed your video and carefully changed the battery twice now. I have calibrated the hands and negotiated through the various modes. The battery however has gone flat again within a few hours. Can you provide and pointers or advise please. Tissot T Touch Expert – Battery duracell 2032



    • Please check into battery case if there is a clear film in the case of battery.If not you must cut one.The film is in the battery case and sometimes stack on battery.I see many watches without this film.
      Please if the clear film isnt in the bottom of the battery case you must cut another one.


  10. I have a T-Touch2.

    i have lost the compass…in the service mode at ”cal” if I press the centre it’s making a full tour with Err 02 at the last position. here are the codes i have. starting at the 11 position:
    11: 01E5132
    10: 11E613E
    9: 21E1136
    8: 31d7136
    6 51F2146
    5: 61Ed13C
    3 81E9138
    2: 91 E913F
    0: ERR 02

    The first time I touched this menu i made complete tour and the compass dissapeared.

    I think I have disabled the compass…how can i get it back?



    • Your sensor of the compass damaged.
      Please if you try in bios to reset.
      And the other is battery.The compass as sensor need more power from the other sensors.Please try to change your battery.If your lever is down from the 8 you must change it.If you change it and work then your are lucky.


  11. So what exactly are all the options in this BIOS menu? And why do we have to go through it?? Do you have a manual of the BIOS please?

    • We must reset the bios of Tissot every time we change the battery.One option is to see the central cirquit if all the sensors works fine and connected to the central cirquit.

  12. Gustavo Carrasquilla Villa May 16, 2017 at 2:52 am

    Hello, accidentally wipe a gel from my watch in the hole that you say: do not touch, since their functions are useless, that I do

  13. I have a T-Touch expert

    i have lost the compass…in the service mode at ”cal” if I press the center it’s making a full tour with Err 02. Now when I touch the compass its blank. Is there a way to get back compass? Its still going through ” cal ?” in service mode. I did a accidental mistake touching this. Is there a way to pass this calibration.

  14. I got my compass back working.

    In service mode selected “Cal ?” ( by pressing “+” ) and selected the “Cal” ( Center touch) got the watch 12 marker aliened at true north with my phone compass. then the one by one all the 10 steps went through, The last 0 I got a message ” CAL OK” came back to the touch mode my compass working as it should. Hope it will help Luc Harvey to get back the compass on his watch.

  15. Hi…i have a sea touch and owned it since 2010, just had the battery replaced and issue now is, compass,thermometer,logbook are not working and blank LCD screen on rhose modes only chrono and normal time,date are working…error code shows err FF.
    Please help

    • The electronic cirquit damaged my friend and the have nothing with the battery replacement. Please make a reset or please check if the connector of sensor is connected with movement. Please clean the casket and replace it very carefully and the put the back correctly and the screws tidly.


  16. Dear Hristo
    Please tell me when you replace the last battery.I think the sensor is on the end.please try to calibrate the altimeter to 0 or 100m and check the meteo again.The compass is the a step warning for battery replacement.Please check the battery level first.Go to sleep mode then push the + button for 6 sec and then touch the 6o clock.With the +you are in the (bios) of the watch.please the first is the battery level.Full is 8 and with the other you can check all the sensors.
    Please if you check it tell me again what you see.

  17. I have a Problem. The meteo showing me in absolut Mode only 300 MB, the Temperatur ist always -20°C, altimeter stays at 8000 m and the Compass Not moveing. What could be the Problem? Tnx

  18. Actually
    This Mode just check everything if working good.Battery and check every sensor.if It is ok the wrentch will be disappear.
    Anything you need to ask me i am very happy to help you.

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